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Friday, June 8, 2007

Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska, by John Green, is a novel about a young man named Miles "Pudge" Halter whose love for last words drive him to search for the "Great Perhaps" ( The last words of Francois Rabelais). He travels to boarding school where his life is turned upside down by Alaska Young, a quirky girl who as an event all on by herself. Alaska takes Pudge along for the ride on her roller coaster of a life. Pudge is pulled into the inescapable world of Alaska Young and the crazy happenings around Culver Creek Boarding School. He meets new friends, makes new enemies, and does more within the first month than he thought he could ever do in a lifetime.

I enjoyed Looking for Alaska a lot. It offered a good view of teenage life, but had enough scandal and twists to keep me entertained in places where I normally would not have been. Though the story sounds like one about a boy becoming a man through a process of trials that are placed before him, it is really a story about dealing with loss. The book is set up in a distinctive two parts, and the contrast between the moods and tone of the parts made me reflect of the book all the more. However, the abrupt change in style does not distract you from the plot, but rather it enhances your understanding of the characters, and gives you even more to think about than you had before.

As it would seem, this is a book for high school students, and even though it could entertain some adults, I think that they may want to pick up another book. Though they may receive something from the plot-line, it is very little compared to what a high school student might get out of reading the book. Looking for Alaska is a powerful novel, and a great read for high school students.

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