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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress, by Dan Brown, is about Susan Fletcher who is one of the top cryptographers at the NSA. She is called in to work by her boss when he finds a piece of code in one of NSA's top computers that seems to have an impossible algorithm. Even the most advanced computer at the NSA cannot crack the code, and as the program counts down towards an unknown time, Susan Fletcher becomes more and more harried. When the creator of the program is found dead, and Susan's Fiance David is sent to investigate, the book takes on a whole new level of suspense and action. The story continues on two fronts, one with Susan trying to crack the code and dealing with a murderer in the NSA, and one with David as he tries to avoid being killed by a hit-man.

I think that Digital Fortress had a great appeal to me because it was about computer programs and cryptology, two subjects in which I am very interested in. This gave the book an added appeal that may not be present for some readers. However, the twist at the end of Digital Fortress is even more severe then is normal for Dan Brown books. The villain is not really know until the very end of the book, which can either keep you awake, or put you to sleep. So if you can deal with the constant suspense, and you enjoyed Dan Brown's other books, then Digital Fortress is a great read.

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