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Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Dial-A-Ghost, by Eva Ibbotson, is a wity fantasy story about a boy named Oliver Smith, and a family of ghosts called the Wilkonsons. Dial-A-Ghost is the name of an addoption agency that pairs people with abandoned ghosts. The ghosts get a nice place to live, and the people get companions or haunts for their houses. The story is fairly simple. Fulton and Frieda Snodde-Brittle are looking for a pair of mean spooks to haunt an estate and "accidentily" scare the Oliver, the young heir, to death. However, a mix up at the ghost adoption agency sends the Wilkonsons, who are very nice ghosts, instead. Oliver and the Wilkonsons hit it off well, and the Snodde-Brittle plans are ruined. As the story progresses, evil ghosts turn out to be not so evil, and the story ends with a great twist.

I enjoyed reading Eva Ibbotson's books. They are filled with fantasy and adventure, and Dial-A-Ghost is no exception. I first read it when in fifth grade, and though I have read it since, I have been able to read it in about one sitting. Therefore, I think that the book would be more suited to younger readers. The interesting plot will keep them well entertained, and they will enjoy the stories of ghosts and spooks. The story has a good ending as well that will keep them on the edge of their seats until the very last page.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Dial-A-Ghost to an elementary school reader, as a book for a report or project or for just plain enjoyment. This great story is a fine example of the work that Eva Ibbotson is know for.

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