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Monday, May 28, 2007

A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, is set in France during the time of the French Revolution. It follows Lucile Mannete and her father and husband. The book tells of the bloody events that led up to the French Revolution, as well as the executions of the royal family and other nobles. A Tale of Two Cities is another book that I read this year and school, which took away some of the enjoyment that I think I would have found from reading this book.

I felt that the book was well written, but the writing style of Charles Dickens made it hard to follow the story. In this regard, reading it with a class was very helpful. However, reading it with a class made the book less enjoyable because it took away some of the personal meaning that I think I could have taken away from it. A Tale of Two Cities is a very deep book, which can be interpreted in many different ways, but when read with a class, some of the more abstract interpretations are set aside.

I think that A Tale of Two Cities is a good classic, but as classics go, some of the other ones that I have read have given me more meaningful stories. But, I am not sure whether this is because of the book, or because I read it with a class. I would suggest that A Tale of Two Cities be left in the classroom, due to the fact that it has very hard language, but if you want to glean deeper meaning from the book, then it might be better to read it on your own.

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