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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dillon Dillon

Dillon Dillon, by Kate Banks, is the story of a young boy named Dillon Dillon who is trying to find himself during a summer trip by a lake. When his parents give him a red rowboat for his birthday with his name painted on it, he asks them a fateful question. "Why did you name me Dillon Dillon?" With the answer to that question comes a truth that Dillon is not ready to accept. He escapes to the lake in his rowboat, he discovers and island and meets a pair of loons through which he discovers his true identity.

I read Dillon Dillon a while ago. When I read it then I do not think that I understood the book in its fullest sense. Whether this was a lack of knowledge or wisdom, I do not know, but when I have read the book again I have gleaned deeper and deeper meaning from its pages. This is something that occurs often with my books, but something that I noticed more than usual with Dillon Dillon. It is not a very long book, and the underlying story is very strong, which allowed me to read the book at a younger age. However, I think that it takes a more mature person to understand the book on a deeper and more meaningful level.

For this reason, I recommend Dillon Dillon as a book for children, but also as a book for high school students and adults. The older ones are the people that may get the most out of the book, but the story can satisfy younger readers also.

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