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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Slaughterhouse Five

Slaughterhouse Five by the late Kurt Vonnegut, is an anti-war novel about a time traveling soldier named Billy Pilgrim. In the novel Billy Pilgrim becomes a prisoner of war in Dresden, which is eventually bombed towards the end of the war. The book details the struggles and hardships of World War 2 in a way that makes even the most unbelievable actions seem real.

Though the book can be choppy at times due to the way Billy Pilgrim travels through time, the story has a strong direction, and never completely loses its focus. If told by a lesser author, the story of Billy Pilgrim would not have become the sensation that it has. However, because of Kurt Vonnegut's mastery of language, and the subtle but powerful way that he delivers his message, this book has become a classic anti-war story.

As a soldier who survived the Dresden Bombings, Kurt Vonnegut's view of the situation is both moving and powerful. A true example of how an authors work can live on after his passing, Slaughterhouse is a must read for any fan of historical fiction or anyone who has an urge to read a moving novel.

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